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Community Liaison and Recruitment Core



December 12, 2023

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The Community Liaison and Recruitment Core (CLRC) will directly engage research universities in the NYC/NJ area to identify & solicit pilot/internship applications from underrepresented ESIs; prioritize & balance the engagement efforts at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) vs Predominantly White Institutions (PWI); coordinate the involvement of Community Advisors (organization leaders) and Lived Advisors (people with mild AD/ADRD or care partners of those with AD/ADRD) in ethnicity-specific Teams. 

Aim 1: Build a sustainable and collaborative community steering committee (CSC) and facilitate the development of ethnic-specific teams of community members connecting community and academic institutions for community-engaged, action-oriented AD/ADRD research in APA adult populations.  

Aim 2: Expand community-engaged research capacity amongst RCASIA scientists through tailored mentoring approaches and a series of interactive workshops and trainings with community partners that will facilitate engagement, recruitment and retention of diverse APA subgroups in AD/ADRD research.  

Aim 3: Generate new knowledge and disseminate best practices on engagement, recruitment, and retention of older APA adults in aging and AD/ADRD research.  

Aim 4: Engage minority-serving academic institutions to reach and capture the diversity of APA subgroups, including low-income and first-generation communities, while simultaneously stimulating a pipeline of scientists and early-stage investigators in RCASIA research training activities