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Measurement and Analysis Core

Measurement and Analysis Core

Core Lead: Stephen Crystal

Core Co-Investigator: Donald Hoover

The Analytical Core (AnC) will serve as a clearinghouse for ethnicity-specific cognitive assessments and surveys according to language; provide ad hoc statistical consultation or support to each RCMAR Scientist’s award; coordinate collection of standardized Behavioral, Social, and Economic Common Data Elements between pilots; conduct brief analyses in PINE, HRS, or CMS data to validate findings from RCMAR Scientists’ micro-cohorts; develop methods to enable cross-cohort and cross-cultural/ethnic comparison of CDE; coordinate with RCMAR Scientists to make micro-cohort data available for data-sharing. 

Aim 1: Support RCASIA Scientists in developing, adapting, evaluating, and disseminating analytic frameworks, culturally sensitive metrics, and scientifically robust measures for older APA populations. 

 Aim 2: Facilitate trainings in Pods and distributable technical assistance opportunities (e.g. via archived webinars and videos) regarding the research analytics and evaluation pipeline including selection of theoretical frameworks, analysis approach to selection of measures, and analyses using cross discipline strategies.  

Aim 3: Support the identification and understanding of local, regional, national, and global datasets for research on APAs and to promote and facilitate the well-informed use of these secondary datasets to support RCASIA research and the development of methods for measurement, analysis and modeling of key exposures and outcomes.  

Aim 4: House culturally/linguistically tested/validated tools to assess cognition, function, and other behavioral/social/economic determinants of health