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Leadership and Administrative Core



December 12, 2023

Media Contact

The Leadership and Administrative Core (LAC) convenes the Executive Committee (ExC) consisting of the Core Leads; regularly communicates with Core Leads and co-investigators to identify obstacles and celebrate successes; hosts monthly ExC meeting to ensure adequate inter-Core communication and collaboration; represents RCASIA in the RCMAR Coordinating Center and Network activities; works with Rutgers Office of Research and Sponsored Projects to establish subcontracts and reporting with NYU, NYU School of Medicine, Northwestern University, CUNY-Hunter, and RCMAR Scientists’ institutions; communicate with PIs of NIH-funded ADRCs, CTSAs, CAHPE, and R01s to determine cohort, mentoring, or scientific synergy; disseminates the yearly call for pilots, collects necessary documents for each pilot application, and invites reviewers for pilot applications; provides administrative support to ethnicity-specific Teams; facilitates the continued involvement of prior RCMAR Scientists in RCASIA activities; and serves as the first stage of conflict resolution within each Core, Team, Pod, or mentor-mentee pair. 

Aim 1. LAC will provide administrative support and leadership to optimize the mentoring experiences and outcomes of all RCASIA Scientists.  

Aim 2. LAC will monitor, evaluate, and work with REC and Cores to refine the Pod/Team mentoring model.  

Aim 3. LAC will enhance the collective impact of RCASIA activities and pilot projects by promoting the collection of Common Data Elements, Data Sharing, and linguistically/culturally-appropriate research tools.  

Aim 4. LAC will collaborate with REC/Core Leads to continuously evaluate and incorporate feedback to improve RCASIA’s mentoring and scientific processes.